Technical Services - OIC/Asst. Manager

Quezon City, Philippines

Job Description


· Conducts research and keeps track/logs pertinent information and findings

· Checks subscription updates on new materials/products launch

· Create prototypes for the new materials under evaluation

· Create prototypes for innovation concept requested by Sales

· Check supplier websites and database

· Answers to all inquiries related to technical concerns


· Updates accomplishment of prototypes developed to the Technical Services Manager thru the shared TSD folder

· Coordinates with Sales on product updates

· Attend Sales coordination meeting

· Conducts stability and efficacy testing of the raw material under exploratory

 Every Month 

· Reports update/result of efficacy testing done on exploratory raw materials/concepts to the Technical Services Manager

· Review of product stability and testing results

· Attends and may conduct update from Suppliers on product updates

· Coordinates with TSA on inventory of samples, packaging and laboratory supplies needed for prototype development

· Attends to coordination meetings set by department head

· Attends and participate to QMS activities


· Represent the department in meetings when the presence of a TSD person is needed.

· Assist in the operational and documentation activities needed for the department’s improvement of internal processes

· Represent TSD in company seminars and other related activities

· May attend to quality control needs of Supply Chain or Technical support needs of Clients as mandated by immediate head

· Conduct product knowledge training to new sales personnel

Conduct basic product knowledge training to company’s support groups or departments

Job Requirements:

· Any Allied Health Professionals with Bachelor of Science Degree related to Healthcare services (B.S. Industrial Pharmacy/Pharmacy , B.S. Biology, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Cosmetic Science etc.)

· Requires at least 2 to 3 years experience in the field of Distribution (Drug, Food, Cosmetics) preferably in Research and Development or Quality Assurance/Control